About Us

The leadership of MVA Diagnostics has over 60 years of experience testing and interpreting transformer oil test results and managing transformer assets. Our management team has served in leadership roles to help shape industry standards on both ASTM’s Electrical Insulating Liquid and Gases Committee as well as the IEEE Transformer Committee. Our team of experts has written, published and presented multiple papers on transformers as a result of our experience. This leadership and knowledge provides our customers the confidence to work with a proven industry leader.

Our staff of highly trained lab chemists is no exception. They are rigorously trained to ASTM standards and follow procedures thoroughly and consistently. Our unique software allows us to electronically track and efficiently process oil samples so that you receive your results accurately and timely.

Our company is committed to providing you quality work and exceptional service. So contact MVA today and let us assist you in developing a diagnostic program that helps protect all of your assets!