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Oil Diagnostic Services

MVA Diagnostics uses state-of-the-art laboratory test equipment to ensure our customers receive the highest quality data. Another value that MVA provides to our customers is interpreting the data from their results. No single test can be used independently to determine the oil condition. Rather, our experienced personnel will evaluate all the test data and provide you a recommendation and summation of what is occurring both in the oil and the transformer. Our staff of highly trained lab chemists rigorously follow ASTM standards for test procedures and our diagnostic recommendations are based on the IEEE Transformer Committees standards and guides. This provides our customers confidence that the testing is performed correctly and the recommendations are based on science and industry-approved standards.

MVA works with investor-owned utilities, municipals, electric cooperatives, industrial companies and services companies throughout the United States, from Alaska to Maine, and California to Florida. All of our test reports include a csv file that is both TOA4 and Power DB compatible, giving you the flexibility to include the data in your own test report and perform your own analysis.

Our company is committed to providing you quality work and exceptional service. So contact MVA today and let us assist you in developing a diagnostic program that helps protect all of your assets!

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