XQOhm App

XQOhm Sample App

Why fill out forms when sampling equipment when you can use MVA’s XQOhm patent-pending sample app to take a picture of the nameplate to select your asset?  After you select the asset, simply enter in the temperature and select which tests you want performed.  That’s it!  Our customers love the functionality and simplicity for sampling their assets.  One substation technician at an Investor Owned Utility on the west coast summarized our app by saying, “Using the XQOhm app is almost too easy.  It’s sweet!”

Another major investor-owned utility did a financial study and determined they will save over six figures of internal costs by eliminating the time spent filling out forms at their substations across multiple states.

So why waste time filling out forms or correcting serial number typos when you can take a picture of the nameplate and be done with it? Use MVA Diagnostics and our XQOhm app will simplify your life. 

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